Illegal home Meth labs and smoking of Meth in the home may pose a health threat to unsuspecting home buyers or renters.  Typically, these home based labs have been used to manufacture methamphetamine, commonly referred to as Meth, Crystal Meth, Ice, Speed or Crank.  During the manufacture of Meth and smoking of Meth, small amounts of contaminants may have been left behind on floors, walls, counters, carpets, furniture, sinks, drains and ventilation systems, posing a health threat to unsuspecting children and adults exposed to them.

We recommend to Buyers and Tenants that the home be tested for Meth prior to close of sale or before renting a home or apartment.  We also recommend Sellers and Landlords have their properties tested to help limit liability.

• Idaho State Police reports that meth cases 2014-2015 more than tripled.
• The number of Idaho arrests connected to methamphetamines rose 70% 2009-2014.
• During that same time period, stimulant deaths increased by 75%.
• Among Oregon-Idaho law enforcement officers responded to the NDTS (National Drug Threat Survey):

• 63% said that meth is the area's "greatest drug threat"
• 68% said that meth is the "most prevalent illicit drug"
• 76% said that meth "most contributes to property crime"
• 93% said that meth "most contributes to violent crime"

We perform presumptive Meth testing using specialized professional testing equipment used by Law Enforcement, Hazmat, Search and Seizure Teams, Customs Agents and Border Patrol Agents across the country.

Price: $125.00 with home inspection service.
Includes four (4) presumptive Meth tests (Kitchen, Main Bathroom, Living Room and one (1) Bedroom)
Meth Test Report will be provided same day.
Testing results are kept confidential and will only be provided to Client and/or Clients Agent.
Includes travel to any location in Kootenai County, Idaho.

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David Stewart