David Stewart

​Mr. Stewart as your Expert Witness / Consultant

Scope of work may include the following:

​​• Initial telephone consultation with client(s)

• In-person consultation with Client(s).

• Review of the case documents and pictures.

• Building plans review.

• Change orders review.

• On-site inspection of affected areas.

• Provide a detailed report with exhibits (if applicable).

• Review opposing expert witness report.

• Provide a detailed response to the opposing expert witness report.

• Be deposed in case of litigation.

• Testify in court.


Hopefully you are in the process of coming to an amicable resolution with the opposing party and need an Expert Witness / Consultant to help with your endeavor.  However, if you are in the process of preparing for litigation or are in the middle of litigation, I may be able to help as well.  Please email (david@stewartchi.com) a brief synopsis of your case.  If I think my services may benefit you and there is no conflict of interest, we can then schedule an appointment to meet in person.​​  I typically respond to all emails the same day as received or within 24 hrs.

David Stewart

Inspectors as Expert Witnesses

by Nick Gromicko, CMI, and Kenton Shepard

What is an Expert Witness?

An "expert witness" is someone with expertise in a particular area who is called to testify during litigation.  A "fact witness" is a person whos testimony is limited to giving facts.  An "expert witness," by contrast, is allowed to give his or her professional opinion.

An expert witness provides an Expert Witness Report after reviewing the case and performing an inspection.  The goal is to provide a report so convincing that the opposition will decide to settle out of court, saving the Client the cost of continued litigation.

Although an expert witness may be hired by either a defendant or a plaintiff, or by the court, he or she is supposed to be a neutral third party.  This means that the inspector has no interest in the outcome of the case, and his or her testimony is unbiased.​​

expert witness / consulting