David Stewart

seller home inspection

Some home sellers opt to conduct a pre-listing inspection so as to be informed about existing and future problems before putting their properties on the market. This is a smart marketing strategy, as you'll know and be able to address problems prior to listing your home for sale. Once the items of concern in the inspection report are attended to, you can provide potential buyers with all the information to ensure them that the property is in sound condition. Furthermore, you'll receive the following benefits:

​​• Discovery and recommended repair of important items before listing your home for sale.
• Provides you with more information to assist in setting a fair listing price.
• Allows for more robust disclosure, accurately representing the condition of the home.
• Helps to attract and motivate qualified buyers.
• Provides peace of mind and helps to deliver a more timely transaction.
• Eliminates the need to lower your listing price due to undiscovered defects.

Price:  $450.00
Up To 2,000 Square Feet (please contact us for pricing on larger homes)
Single Family Residence
Includes Travel To Any Location In Kootenai County, Idaho
Report Delivered Within 24 Hrs Of Inspection